Results and Funded Projects

The deadline for stage 1 was November 3 2009. Result: 90 Expressions of Interest were received out of which 163 passed the eligibility check and entered the evaluation process. The evaluation process was performed by two independend evaluators for each EoI.
A EoI ranking list was established by the Scientific Council and 75 selected projects were invited to stage 2. The Full proposal stage was opened on January 15 2010. The second stage closed on March 15 2010 and 71 Full Proposals were handed in, 70 turned out to be eligible and were evaluated by three independend evaluators for each project. If a deviation of the assessment appeared, a fourth evaluator was invited.
The Scientific council established a Ranking list of projects on June 8 2010.
At the Steering Board Meeting of SEE-ERA.NET PLUS on June 22-23 2010 a Funding List following the Ranking list was established including 20 projects and 3 projects on the reserve list.
After intensive communication with the EC also the reserve list projects, -in sum 23 projects- can be funded.

As a result, 97 research teams will work in 23 projects running from 10/2010 till 1/2013.
An amount of 3,05 million will be used for the funding of 23 projects.

Here find the list of funded projects and details

A link to see the follow up of the joint call: find here...