Joint Call

SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Joint Call for European Research Projects

As a continuation of the successful cooperation within the SEE-ERA.NET project, a Joint Call for European Research Projects was launched on September 1, 2009, within the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS project. A two-stage online application procedure was used. The projects selected in stage 1 were invited to stage 2 (Full Proposals) and based on a Ranking List A Funding List was established that selects 23 projects for funding.

This call aimed at projects with a duration of one to two years.
The total budget for the call was earmarked with €3.5 million. The funds are provided by the participating countries and the European Commission. Each approved project can receive up to €150,000.

The deadline for stage 1 was November 3 2009. Result: 163 Expressions of Interest were received out of which 90 passed the eligibility check and entered the evaluation process. The evaluation process was performed by two independend evaluators for each EoI. A ranking list was established by the Scientific Council and 75 selected projects were invited to stage 2, the Full proposal stage was opened on January 15 2010. The second stage closed on March 15 2010 and 71 full proposals were handed in, 70 turned out to be eligible and were evaluated by three independend evaluators for each project. If a deviation of the assessment appeared, a fourth evaluator was invited. The Scientific council established a Ranking list of projects on June 8 2010. At the Steering Board Meeting of SEE-ERA.NET PLUS on June 22-23 2010 a Funding list following the Ranking list was established including 20 projects and 3 projects on the reserve list. After intensive communication with the EC also the reserve list projects could be funded. As a result, 97 research teams will work in 23 projects running from 10/2010 till 1/2013.
An amount of €3,05 million will be used for the funding of 23 projects.

For explanation: A part of the earmarked funding for the call remains unspent as no project including e.g. researchers from Turkey was selected for funding, thus the project geometry of handed in projects keeps a part of possibly national contributions unspent. Minimum conditions for participation: the consortium has to consist of at least two partners from the Western Balkan countries and one from other participating countries (2+1 principle).
Following the applied jus-retour principle several countries had to commit higher amounts than initially planned while others remain unspent. The partner´s countries transfer only the to be spent amounts to the Joint Call Secretariat.

The participating countries are: Western Balkan countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia), EU Member States (Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Romania and Slovenia) and Turkey as an FP7 Associated Country (Turkis researchers are not involved in a funded project).

The following themes/thematic areas are supported through the call:

Software systems for learning process management and support
ICT for energy efficiency

Preservation of indigenous species and traditional food products (in SEE/WBC)
Interdisciplinary field: Land use impact in agriculture on biodiversity

Please find -for information- the call text and relevant information in the section of the call text

Results: Please refer to where you can find two documents presenting the final call results.

Results: Please follow the link for details of funded projects

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