Conservation and standardisation of traditional technologies of fermented milk products based on autochthonous lactic acid bacteria

Acronym: PSALAB
Project ID: ERA 195
Funding including national funding and EC funding:
Total costs: 148,690 € SEE-ERA.NET PLUS funding: 124,272 €
Project duration: 01.10.2010 / 30.09.2012

Western Balkan Countries (WBC) harbors a variety of traditional, spontaneously fermented foods that are produced in specific ecological localities. The major task for the conservation and standardization of traditional technologies of fermented food products in WBC is an income of high value food products for human consumption. In the moment, these products are manufactured in small scale. However, consumers’ interest for the products is increasing and standardization of their production can contribute in enhance of assortment of specific domestic fermented milk products on market. In addition, this approach could prevent a loss of such artisan products, and, consequently, of their associated microorganisms. The goal of the research will be the characterization of microflora present in autochthonous fermented products from Serbia and Croatia including lactic acid bacteria (LAB), yeasts and filamentous fungi. The isolated and characterized LAB strains will be preserved in a well-established culture collection under standardized procedure and will be available to scientists and industry. From the technological point of view, the preparation of starter cultures in lyophilised form will be performed with different cryo- and lyoprotectors for achieving the highest viable cell number and activity of LAB. Along with the investigation of the beneficial effects of the food product, we would like to investigate the possible presence of detrimental microorganisms and to identify critical points for the control of such biological food hazards. This can have important impact on good practice in traditional food production as well in further processing in the food industry. The most important deliverables will be related to the development of new and improved standards and the development of good practice procedures for its production. Both are essential for the food industry in order to start marketing the food product with specially defined functional properties.

Partners involved:

IMGGE/Laboratory for Molecular Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms
444a Vojvode Stepe
11010 Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Ljubisa Topisirovic

FFTB/Laboratory for Antibiotic, Enzyme, Probiotic and Starter Culture Technology
6 Pierottijeva
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Jagoda Suskovic

3 Ulica Grada Gospica
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Ms. Ljerka Gregurek

BF/Department of Food Science and Technology
101 Jamnikarjeva
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Peter Raspor