Partner search

NOTE: This information remains online for documentation of the process of the call to keep the procedure transparent, please be aware that the single joint call of the project is closed!!!

In order to facilitate the creation of a consortium, we advise to use the following tools for partner search:

Concerning partner search in the field of ICT we refer to the partner search tool of the Ideal-ist project at

We can help you in this sense that we can provide you with the
Austrian ICT directory: ICTprofiles is a free online service, tailor-made to help to find Austrian partners for your ICT research and development projects - either in the context of EU-funded Research and Development projects (7th EU Framework Programme, Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme) or within a broader search for technology-orientated partnerships (Joint Technology Initiatives). All profile entries on ICT profiles Austria are quality-checked by the Austrian ICT National Contact Point (NCP). The service includes details of more than hundred Austrian ICT companies, research and development organisations, ICT users and end users.

For general partner search we recommend to use also the database on FP6 projects at

DATABASE OF THE PROJECT ERA WESTBALKAN + if looking for a partner institution from the WESTERN BALKAN COUNTRIES:



In addition you may browse through the DATABASE of ICT ORGANISATIONS AND RESEARCHERS in the WESTERN BALKAN COUNTRIES of the project WINS-ICT:

Other, alternative ways of identifying potential partners would be to go through REPORTS BY THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION. Please find enclosed some examples in the field of AGROFOOD:

Documentation of all projects in the area of "Food Quality and Safety in Europe" within FP 6

Report of the European Commission in the area "European Research on Traditional Foods" with examples of projects in this field