SEE-ERA.NET PLUS National Contact Points

A link to see the follow up of the joint call: find here...
The project has ended in 2013. You can contact Mr. Martin Felix Gajdusek for any information on the project!

Albania Greece
Ministry of Education and Science (MOeS) General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) / Ministry of Development
contact person: Edmond Agolli contact person: Kelly Vavasi
Tel.: +355-4-228 757 Tel.: +30-210-7458101
e-mail: e-mail:
Internet: Internet:
Austria The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) Ministry of Education and Science (MON-MK)
contact person: Martin Felix Gajdusek contact person: Stanka Petkovska
Tel: +43-1-495 04 42-67 Tel: +389-2-314 0189
e-mail:; e-mail:
Internet: Internet:
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro
Ministry of Civil Affairs (MVP) Ministry of Education and Science (MPIN)
contact person: Ammar Miraščija contact person: Milena Milonjić
Tel: +387-33-559-520; +387-33-559-521 Tel.: +382-20-405 341
e-mail: e-mail:
Internet: Internet:
Bulgaria Romania
Ministry of Education and Science (MON) National Authority of Scientific Research (ANCS)
contact person: Lora Pavlova contact person: Monica Alexandru
Tel: +35-9-29217545 +40-21-318 3064
e-mail: e-mail:
Internet: Internet:
Croatia Serbia
Croatian Institute of Technology (HIT)Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development (MSTD)
contact person: Tanja Ivanović contact person: Milica Tasevska
Tel: +385 1 5494 738; +385-99-313 4150 (GSM) Tel: +381 (0)11 3616
e-mail: e-mail:
Internet: Internet:
France Slovenia
Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE) Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MHEST)
contact person: Siegfried Martin-Diaz contact person: Davor Kozmus
Tel: +33-1-43 17 81 09 Tel: +386-1-478 4693
e-mail: e-mail:
Internet: Internet:
Germany Turkey
International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK)
contact persons: Ralf Hanatschek, Christian Schache contact person: Tarik Sahin
+49-228-3821-482 (Ralf Hanatschek ), Tel: +49-228-3821 465 (Christian Schache) Tel: +90-312-427 50 39, +90-312-468 53 00/1567
e-mail:; e-mail:
Internet: Internet:

Furthermore, the Federal Ministry of Science and Research of Austria (BMWF, and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany (BMBF, are partners in the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS consortium.