Description of Work

SEE-ERA.NET PLUS consists of four work packages.

Work package one deals with the preparations for the Call by developing the administrative procedures, defining the scope of the call, drafting the call text and other material as well preparing and adopting the Implementation Agreement.

While Work package one is about the preparation of the joint call, Work package two is about its implementation. As technical basis, an electronic submission and evaluation system will be established. In addition, the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS Scientific Council will be set-up. Further Work package two tasks are to launch the two stages of the joint call, to organize the project selection meeting, to finalize contracting procedures and to administer the funding of the projects.

Work package three deals with Management and Dissemination within SEE-ERA.NET PLUS. The project coordinator ZSI from Austria will be responsible for this work package. Management and Dissemination will be largely built on the existing structures within the ongoing SEE-ERA.NET project, which guarantees continuity of proven structures and of experienced and committed individuals.

Work package four on sustainability analyses the impact of SEE-ERA.NET PLUS and will result in policy recommendations for future joint actions beyond the project duration to guarantee a sustainable cooperation among the consortium and possible additional partners. Two reports will be produced as a result of this work package.

The project SEE-ERA.NET PLUS started in April 2009 and will last until January 2013.