In essence, SEE-ERA.NET PLUS is the next step in further integrating the Western Balkan Countries (WBC) and its key research communities into the European Research Area (ERA).

It will further enhance the coordination of bilateral R&D cooperation with WBC and lift it up to an activity at European level. By joining forces and by pooling financial resources, the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS consortium brings critical mass to bear.

The SEE-ERA.NET PLUS consortium consists of seventeen partners from fourteen countries (EU Member States, the South Eastern European (SEE) region and Turkey). It involves the relevant R&D programme owners from the involved countries, which are ministries or agencies responsible for science, technology and/or research.

Most prominently, SEE-ERA.NET PLUS has launched a joint call for European Research projects in September 2009 in order to enhance the integration of the Western Balkan Countries into the European Research Area. The call budget is 3.5 million Euros. For more information on the call, please check the section on the Joint Call (

Find here the list of funded projects:

SEE-ERA.NET PLUS supports:

The project SEE-ERA.NET PLUS started in April 2009 and will end in July 2013.